Examples Demonstrating Quantext Portfolio Planner

These examples are intended for two purposes. First, they demonstrate capabilities of QPP. Second, they provide lessons on a range of important issues in financial planning.

Our intent is that these examples will be useful and educational, whether or not you are a user of QPP. Even if you do not use our software tools, these examples should be of interest. If, after reading one or more of these examples, you would like to run some of these calculations yourself, a free trial is available.

Each example is designed as a stand-alone lesson. Please note that the first few examples are laden with screen shots, the idea being that they will be especially useful for people new to QPP. As this filing cabinet of examples fills out, we will include fewer screen shots, though the examples will continue to demonstrate the process of applying QPP to various problems.

Finally, we plan on offering examples that cater to a wide range of investors, from people new to investing to the very sophisticated. Thanks for your patience as we construct this new area of our website.

QPP Examples

Creating a New Plan
In this example we explore multiple variables that effect the viability of our retirement plans. How much do I need to save annually if I want to draw a $50,000 income in retirement? Exactly how much more do I have to save every year if I want to retire at 65 vs. 67? These are only two of the many questions that we will explore in this presentation. This example also includes screen shots and discussion illustrating the use of the software.

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The Effect of Buying a New Car
Taking a chunk of money out of a retirement account to buy a new car will have an effect on that account’s ability to fund a retirement. What is the magnitude of the effect? In this example, we use Quantext Portfolio Planner to quantify the effects of sizable, one-time withdrawals. Using QPP, we will explore various ways to alleviate the damage done to our portfolios, should we need to make such a withdrawal. This example provides us with profound insight about the long term significance of our purchases.

As well as the lesson about car shopping, this example includes screen shots and discussion aimed at helping people become familiar with using QPP.

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