Quick Start Guide

Whether you are getting started with a trial of the software or setting up your licensed version, this is the guide for you. Also, if you get a new computer or change versions of MS Office, you may want to return to this guide to go through the set up process again.

Troubleshooting Guide

If you are having issues running QPP, please read this guide. This guide also offers some essential nuts and bolts information such as describing exactly which tickers are accepted by QPP and some useful information such as how to preserve allocations and results.

QPP Contents Guide

This guide is designed to familiarize users with each piece of input and output included in the first six pages of QPP, pages 9 and 10 of QPP, and the Correlation Matrix. The structure of this document follows the structure of QPP itself, marching through the measures and metrics in QPP as they appear in the program, page by page.

Guide for Custom Savings and Draw Tool

Are you planning on saving consistently until retirement and then drawing the same amount of income in every year thereafter, adjusted for inflation? This is a standard assumption in many planing tools. This is not, however, the path that many investors follow. If your plans entail, for example, a transitional second career, in which you aren't saving but won't be drawing income either, this feature of QPP will be the tool for you; it allows for personalized savings and income plans.

Guide for Stock Options Tool

Ever wonder the true value of the stock options offered by your employer? This tool can help you determine a solid estimate of their value and, more importantly, how to account for the impact of stock options on your total portfolio and on how to create an effective long-term plan. This tool can also be used to evaluate stock options and future volatility in the stock market.

The following two articles demonstrate the use of this tool as applied to employee stock options:

Guide about Diversification Metric (DM)

Effective diversification requires more than the simply holding large numbers of stocks or bonds. To obtain the real benefits of a diversified portfolio, you must hold combination of securities that have low correlations to one another. The Diversification Metric, designed by Quantext, will help you to evaluate the true diversification of your portfolio.

Guide on How to Use Excel's Optimizer with QPP

Many users have been interested in running their portfolios through an optimizer. One of our users created this guide on how to do that using Excel's optimizer, "Solver".

Analyzing Yield vs. Risk Using QPP

Geoff Considine has focused on this ratio in many of his articles. This guide will help you with the nuts and bolts of how to study this ratio in your own portfolio(s).

Survival Guide for a Post-Pension World

This book serves to help people understand the theoretical foundations of QPP and how it relates to the field of portfolio management. Though all of these topics have been covered in the, literally, hundreds of free articles which Geoff has written, this book proves a useful aggregation.
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