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Quantext offers a free trial of Quantext Portfolio Planner. If you would like one, please click the button or email us at:
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You will receive an email with instructions for downloading a fully operational version of the software. All users of the software agree to be bound by our User Agreement.The trial will start from the time of the email and run through

November 15, 2016

Please note that a person is replying to emails; it is not an automated, immediate response. Thanks.

To get a sense of what the software can do, there are many options. The QPP Contents Guide gives you a tour through the layout and features of the software. QPP Examples are short presentations that demonstrate the use of the software. We only have examples, so far, for some of the most basic uses of QPP. For more sophisticated uses of QPP, please see our library which contains hundreds of articles which feature QPP as it is applied to many aspects of investing.

Glancing at the Quick Start Guide gives you a sense of the comfort one needs with Excel and the system requirements. This guide is specific to the version of Excel that you will be using. We urge everyone, especially Macintosh users, to take advantage of the free trial before purchasing.

If you wish to continue using QPP after the end of the trial period, you may license QPP on an annual basis.  Licenses to QPP, QPP40 and QRP can be purchased via secure online payment at PayPal. Licensing instructions and prices are available here.

System Requirements:

You will need an internet connection to run QPP.

This program is an Excel based program. Why? EXCEL is an incredibly powerful tool.  You can perform full blown Monte Carlo analysis and a range of sophisticated functions in EXCEL.  Using EXCEL helps to keep development costs down and to make it easier to update the tool with new features, etc.

For PCs: You will need Microsoft Office 2002 or newer. If you don’t have Office, you can download a free trial copy of it from Microsoft (link) but you will need to make sure that your operating system supports the trial of Office. For example, Windows 7 supports Excel 2007 and 2010 while Windows XP does not support these newer versions of Office. (Alternatively, we have had luck buying older, shrink wrapped versions of MS Office at a discount on eBay.)

Windows 8 is a new (2013) operating system by Microsoft. Windows 8 will run all programs that Windows 7 could run according to the Microsoft website. This includes Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013. We believe that QPP will run on Windows 8 on these versions of Excel but we recommend that you run the free trial of QPP on any system before licensing.

Microsoft has also come out with another version called RT which is optimized for tablets. Excel RT will not support QPP as it does not include the Add-Ins or Macro capaibilites required to run QPP.

For Macintosh: Yes, QPP runs on Macs! (Please read carefully, however.) As QPP is an Excel based program, Mac users have historically had more hurdles than other users. In Office 2011 (for Macs) the issue has apparently been resolved!! We have confirmed that QPP runs smoothly (and accurately) on a MacPro 1.1 (2006) as well as an iMac (2010), both running Office 2011 (for Macs). For this reason, we believe that QPP will run on any Mac that supports Office 2011.

If you do not have Office 2011, a workable solution is the following: If you have an Intel-based Mac you can install Parallels *see below* (which gives you the ability to switch to a whole different operating system on the fly.) Once you have Parallels with Windows with MS Office’s Excel, it is easy. You just start Parallels and make sure the networking part is working (e.g. by opening a browser in the Windows session and making sure you can get somewhere). Then open Excel, open QPP, and follow the directions. If you have an older Mac (Motorola processor) this solution will, unfortunately, not work.

*An option for Mac users besides Parallels is to use VirtualBox, which is free emulation software ( As with Parallels, users must own a licensed copy of Windows, but with VirtualBox, you save the cost of Parallels.

Company Networks:

Some networks do not allow files/programs to be downloaded. Please check with your network manager to see if this will be a problem.