Reviews of Quantext Portfolio Planner

"The Quantext Portfolio Planner is the best portfolio planning tool I have ever used. It is hard to imagine an investor whose portfolio would not be improved by a road test in the QPP."
Phil DeMuth, Ph.D., Investment Advisor and author

This is truly a great tool. It knocks the socks off anything else I've seen."
Phil Trask, former CFO of Pepsi-Canada

"Unlike most Monte Carlo software that I have reviewed over the years, Quantext Portfolio Planner is not only effective but user friendly (even for clients!). I would suggest planners employ this software not only for their practice but for their clients in interactive sessions.

Finally, a real time great tool to use in conjunction with the deterministic (potentially 'flaw of averages') approach per each accumulation objective."
Jim Schwartz, Co-Founder, National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)

"Twenty-one years from the inception of the Southwest Airline Pilots Association 401k, Dave Fisser, former committee Chairman, and I worked hard to build an age-based retirement program for our participants. Working with our advisor, Dave and I have used the QPP by Quantext to build target portfolios for participants from ages 30 through 75. We have used every part of this program, from the future return expectations, based on mean reversion, to the Diversified Metrics and Low Correlations to increase the longevity of the portfolio. It doesn’t do any good if you out last your money. Our advisor had access to a large scale Monte Carlo Simulator to run all the glide paths portfolios at once, but we used QPP to check the output, using our own funds to make final suggestions. Believe me when I say we used every aspect of the QPP software. We leaned on Geoff’s many articles, but also experimented with numerous ideas and watched how the software reacted. Our confidence in QPP allowed us to control the outcome for thousands of our participants. We recommend QPP to everyone as it is head and shoulders above any other program we have seen out there."
John Nordin, SWAPA Committee Chairman

“Dr. Geoff Considine and his firm Quantext have created the next generation in portfolio analysis software. It is no longer enough for advisors to manage their clients’ money. If you are not managing client risk and cash flow, they will find somebody who does. QPP provides an instant snapshot of portfolio risk and return unlike anything in the marketplace. It is the ultimate client retention tool.”
Brett Alexander, Cash Flow Investment Svcs. LLC

"Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth have done a great service to investors as well as Finance students and professors by writing a book that puts into practice the principles of modern portfolio theory. Kudos also go to Geoff Considine for harnessing the power of Excel to bring these insights to everyone's desktop. As a result of both the book and the QPP software, I now start off my investments class with a series of lectures and demonstrations to show students - in real time - why it's the whole portfolio that matters and, just as importantly, how we can "supercharge" our student-managed investment fund portfolio."
Dr. Kenneth J. Martin, Regents Professor of Finance, New Mexico State University

"About a year ago I was searching for a portfolio planning tool that would provide me with some simple metrics for portfolios as I constructed them. I wanted the software to take past performance and correlations into account but I also wanted it to provide some sort of forward looking analysis using monte carlo simulations. I searched far and wide and found a very useful tool. It’s called the Quantext Portfolio Planner and it matches my taste for simplicity...The product is CHEAP for the info it provides. I only paid $88 I think and use it virtually everyday."
Jeff Howard, Black Swan Financial

"I have an MS Degree in Personal Financial Planning and I cannot tell you how many books and academic papers (hundreds?) I have read about investing, portfolio management, and finance. The wealth of information on your site about portfolio construction, diversification, and the like is invaluable and I sincerely appreciate the research that you have done and shared. Your papers and software are far more valuable than 99% of the material out there for advisors and individual investors ..."

"...even though I've had QPP in hand for only a couple of weeks, the tool and your wonderful articles have really improved my understanding of portfolio theory and indicate that I can do much better in my own portfolio design than the various financial advisors I've consulted have using straightforward implementations of Modern Portfolio Theory through index funds."

"Thanks again for QPP. It's output has given me a greater confidence about my going into retirement rather than spending 1% of assets for someone else to give less information and guidance."

"I love your program and, coupled with my Valueline database, it has proved invaluable over the years. In fact, it accurately forecast the loss in my portfolio during the market meltdown in 2008 to the quarter of one percent. Incredible. Thank you, sincerely,"

"I use Quantext Portfolio Planner every month to keep in touch with where my portfolio is going and to help me decide what to do, if anything, to improve it."

" QPP optimized portfolios are kicking butt over my professionally managed accounts."
"Your approach and the QPP tool have completely reshaped my approach and perspective on my investment portfolio - after a good many years of gathering and chewing over much, much information. Many thanks again, and I look forward to the next article and many more."

"This software has really given me a great tool for constructing my portfolio that I have never seen elsewhere."

"I have found QPP to be one of the most valuable tools I've ever run across. Bouquets of thanks for developing this and making it available. With it, I am able to easily screen the multitude of investment recommendations that I run across out there that sound pretty good and - quite often - find they have little value when considered within the context of a diversified portfolio."

"I think your probabilistic analysis approach using Monte Carlo is bang-on. QPP will allow me to put real computational finance behind the allocation of assets in our portfolios...Bravo QPP. Keep up the good work. I'm hopeful that more people become educated on the issue of managing their own retirement portfolios and will understand the real value of tools like QPP."

"Once I got comfortable with your QPP tool, it starts to open a large number of possibilities in scenario planning - this is obviously its strength and purpose…I much appreciate the tool, which is easy to use and provides extremely valuable insights into the search for a 'bullet proof' portfolio. An elusive objective no doubt, but your tool takes us a little bit closer."

“Thank you for creating and making your Monte Carlo simulation tool available to individual investors. I downloaded the tool Friday evening and have used it successfully without problems. Already, I know I will be making changes in our family's portfolio to both simplify it and make it more diverse. I feel like I have found in your tool one of the mother lodes of asset allocation.”

"Finding QPP is a major breakthrough in available solutions."

"In my years of searching I have finally found someone that approaches investments using a detailed statistical fashion that addresses allocation and make that available to the individual investor. I have read everything on your web sites. The papers are a joy to see."

"[phrases like] "moderately aggressive" , etc., may not have descriptive power in this context since with a Monte Carol simulation, viz. QPP, one is conceptually reframing in terms of Beta, S.D., DM, etc. That is what attracted me to the Low-Beta paper and the multitude of other papers you have written...The bottom line is that one is not investing by style or heuristics but by statistical parameters and using data based decision making."

“ I have had great fun analyzing the results from running the QPP software and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each of your white have taught me a lot about the important topic of portfolio risk.”

“This is a wonderful thing you are doing for the retail investor!”

“I really appreciate your software. I have run dozens of monte carlos on these [sample portfolios].”

“I particularly like how QPP translates 'risk' into odds of running out of money at a particular age -- very concrete.”