Renew QPP

Thank you for your continued interest in Quantext's planners.To renew simply re-read the User Agreement and then pay for another annual license.

Note: QPP is now compatible with Office 2011 for Macs. For more details please see the instructions for Mac users on our Free Trial webpage.

Ordering via online payment

You can renew QPP or QPP40 online at PayPal using your credit card or PayPal account. Once PayPal notifies us of your payment, we will send you a link for the download as well as the password to be used inside of QPP and/or QPP40. (This will not be immediate as human response is required.) All licenses are for one year. Please contact us at with questions.
  • QPP $170 Order
  • QPP40 and QPP bundled $270 Order

  • QPP and QPP40 run on all versions of Excel, 2002 or newer.

    To Order by Sending a Check

    To order QPP, QRP, or QPP40 bundled with QPP, send a check for appropriate amount to:

    Quantext, Inc.
    1093 Albion
    Boulder, CO 80305