Troubleshooting by Problem

In this troubleshooting guide we have compiled lists of the most probable solutions for various issues that users may encounter. We recommend opening a second browser window to our Troubleshooting Tips guide, as this guide will refer you to specific "Tips" in that guide. To do this, please click here.

If you are not able to figure out an issue on your own, please feel free to contact us at

Issue 1

(No longer an issue!)

Issue 2

Yellow Box is not showing me the 15.07% when I enter my password
This can be caused by a variety of things. Here's a list to run through should you be encountering this issue:
  • Please note that without a non-zero in the Yellow Box (the Annual Standard Deviation on Market Returns) the program will not run. It is worth troubleshooting this before moving on.
  • Make sure that the expiration date of the trial matches the expiration date that is compatible with your user name and password. To do this look at the expiration date inside of QPP, below the name and password area. Then look at the original email that was sent to you with directions for downloading the trial. At the bottom of this email was your name and password and the trial expiration date. If these do not match up, please download the trial mentioned in that email. Contact if you have questions or issues.
  • Make sure that you have saved the folder to the correct place on your computer. The download arrives in a zipped folder. If asked whether you'd like to save or open, choose save. Save the folder to somewhere in My Documents. Do not save the folder directly onto your Desktop; if you do, it will not run.
  • Make sure that the downloaded folder has been successfully unzipped (extracted.) Many new systems will automatically unzip (extract) the contents. If your folder is still zipped, you will see a zipper across the folder icon. If this is the case, right click on the folder and choose Extract (or Extract All). Once the folder is unzipped, open the .xls file.
  • When typing in your user name and password pay attention to not adding extra spaces on the end of these entries. Please note that the user name is case dependent.
  • Hit enter (or simply move the cursor to a different box) after you type the user name and password.
  • Make sure that Calculations are set to Automatic. See Tip 3 for directions.
  • Rarely, but in a few documented cases, it has been required that a user re-download the software.

Issue 3

Software unable to complete the data retrieval process after hitting Get Data
Again, various details may be the culprit here. Here's the list of things to check on:
  • The software must be saved somewhere suitable on your computer (i.e. NOT directly onto the "Desktop".) Please see Tip 1 about this.
  • If you are using the downloadable free trial, the folder must be unzipped (the files must be "extacted".) Please see Tip 1 about this.
  • Calculations must be set to Automatic (or you must hit F9 just prior to hitting Get Data.) Please see Tip 3 about setting Calculations to Automatic.
  • Macros must be enabled. Please see Tip 5 about this.
  • The Yellow Box must show a non-zero number, which indicates that the password has been entered successfully. Please see Tip 1 about this.
  • All 20 (or 40 for QPP40) ticker slots must be filled either with a valid ticker or a dash (-) sign.
  • All tickers must be typed exactly as they are shown at Yahoo!Finance (cap sensitive, etc.)
  • Extra spaces after the tickers can cause the run to fail
  • Tip 12 in the Troubleshooting Guide details how one learns whether a ticker is valid or not
  • QPP is sensitive to date and number formatting. Many people who do not use US English do not have their versions of Excel set to read US English. QPP requires that US English be used. Please read Tip 13 on this and related issues.

Issue 4

Check Column on Page 3 of QPP not filling with OKs in every row
The Check Column must fill with OKs for the statistics to be valid.

If you have a "short record" or "bad data", please note the tickers of issue and figure out why they are not accepted. Tip 12 describes the process of looking at the available historical data at Yahoo!Finance and discerning what it is that is causing the error message in QPP.

Issue 5

QPP Failing to Run after Running Successfully
If QPP has run before but then crashes this means one of several things.
  • It could be that your trial/license has expired.
  • It could be that Calculations have set themselves back to manual—which can happen in EXCEL if the program gets hung up.  Please see Tip 3 for setting the Calculations back to Automatic.
  • Another possibility is that Excel's Autorecovery has caused QPP to hang up. Please see Tip 10 about this.
  • It could just mean that one or more of your tickers is not acceptable. Please see Tip 12 about this.

Issue 6

QRP will not run
When opening QRP, a pop-up window will ask if you want to "UPDATE" something.  Respond by clicking "NO".  Also, when running QRP you must also open QRP Data.xls (another file that was included on the disc.) Finally, QRP does not run on Excel 2007.  (It runs well on any version of Excel from 2002 to 2006.)