Troubleshooting Guide

We have organized the Troubleshooting Guide in 2 different ways. If you can articulate your issue, you might prefer to look through our Troubleshooting By Problem guide. This guide is comprised of a series of Issues. For each Issue, the top causes and solutions are listed. If you are unclear as to what the issue is, we recommend reading through the list of Tips, below, and following any one of the links to our Troubleshooting Tips guide.

The Troubleshooting Tips guide is more comprehensive and we recommend that all users read through this guide.

These guides are the Troubleshooting Guides for QPP, QPP40, and QRP.  "QPP" is used in the text but the Tips apply to all versions of the software unless noted otherwise.

Additional notes for QRP users:  When opening QRP, a pop-up window will ask if you want to "UPDATE" something.  Respond by clicking "NO".  Also, when running QRP you must also open QRP Data.xls (another file that was included on the disc.) Finally, QRP does not run on Excel 2007.  (It runs well on any version of Excel from 2002 to 2006.)

If you are not able to figure out an issue on your own, please feel free to contact us at

Tip 0: discusses virtual memory and how to adjust it if need be. (Rarely needed with modern computers.)

Tip 1: describes the downloading and extracting processes in detail.

Tip 2: offers an important note about the "-" sign in ticker slots.

Tip 3: describes how to set the Calculations to Automatic in the various versions of Excel.

Tip 4: discusses all of the details required for successful password entry.

Tip 5: discusses enabling the macros.

Tip 6: QPP was running, but, now, will not run. This Tip offers one suggestion.

Tip 7: discusses which versions of Excel will support QPP. Also, this Tip provides a link to a free trial of the most recent MS Office. (Free trial is offered by Microsoft.)

Tip 8: for those who use McAffee security.

Tip 9: about installing the Analysis ToolPak in Excel.

Tip 10: Excel's Autorecovery may be causing Excel to "hang up" as QPP is retrieving data. this Tip covers the disabling of this Excel feature.

Tip 11: the name of QPP must remain the same. Details.

Tip 12: discusses the details of which tickers will work and which ones won't, teaches the user how to determine this, and covers what to do in the situation of a 'short record', cash, or invalid ticker.

Tip 13: formatting of numbers and dates matters. Details.

Tip 14: offers a list of steps for troubleshooting "Run Time Error 1004".

Tip 15: supplies details for running QPP on a Macintosh. Includes some troubleshooting about setting up Parallels.

Tip 16: provides several methods for preserving portfolios and/or allocations.

Tip 17: describes the necessary steps to run QPP if your computer is on a company network with a firewall.

Tip 18: describes the necessity of internet connection.

Tip 19: describes a pop-up that you might see when trying to save QPP.