Quick Start Guide for QPP

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NOTE: Quantext is not a registered investment advisor.  No information in this document should be taken as advice to buy or sell any asset.  Any and all information obtained from Quantext is on an "AS IS" basis. Please note that the numbers/tickers used in the QPP screen shots and examples are for illustrative purposes only and are not to be taken in any way as advice.


Quantext’s portfolio planning tools were created to help you analyze your portfolio and to help you understand whether your risk/return characteristics and savings rates are consistent with your future desired income. The guide is compatible with QPP and QPP40, though we will use “QPP” in the text, unless there is a specific note regarding QPP40.

While we have several guides that explain not only Monte Carlo style analysis for portfolio management in general, but also practical aspects of using QPP, this guide will simply walk you through the initial set up and basic applications. There are many important concepts that are not explained here, but this will provide the basics for getting you up and running.

Many resources, including books and articles, about Quantext’s portfolio planning tools are available from our website:

The goal of this guide is to get people up and running on QPP in about an hour. Let’s go.