Step 6: Running QPP


This portfolio planning software, written in Excel, is provided on an AS IS basis. No warranty whatsoever is provided. This software is copywrited property of Quantext, Inc. and shall not be reproduced wholly or in part without the explicit written permission from Quantext, Inc.

Taking a Look

The main body of QPP, the Portfolio Report, is set up in a series of Pages. Let's look at Page 1. (The Page number, along with a brief explanation of the page's function, is given just below the aqua stripe at the top of each Page.)

  • In QPP, cells in red are those that the user may alter.
  • Enter all of your information on the left side. Note that the “Age at Retirement” is calculated by QPP.
  • For now, leave the right side alone. We will use the default settings for now.
  • The lower box (below “OR”) allows you a more complicated income choice, but leave the Target Percentage Draw = 0% for this quick start. We will assume a constant annual draw (with the option to escalate with inflation.)
  • When you are done, scroll down or hit PgDn.

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