Step 4: Enter Your Name and Password

Trial Users Your name and password are at the bottom of the email with the Download and Run Guide.

Licensed Users Your name and password are in the email sent from Quantext Inc.

You enter the name and password in boxes to the RIGHT of the yellow boxes on page 1 of QPP once you have opened QPP. Some people have their screens 'zoomed in' so that the username and password boxes do not show (even after scrolling up to page 1). If this is the case, you will need to scroll over to the right a little bit to see these boxes.

After entering your name and password, look at the box marked Annual Standard Deviation (in yellow) near where you enter your username and password on Page 1 of QPP. If that reads 15.07%, skip to STEP 5. If that reads 0%, QPP will not run. There are several possible causes:
  • You have entered your username and password incorrectly. Make sure that you have no extra spaces and have matched the capitalization on the username that was sent. Though the username may appear to have spaces in front of it, it does not. There are no spaces before or after the name, just one between first and last names. There are no spaces in the password. Here's the "check": As you enter the name and password correctly, the 0% changes to 15.07 %. (Be sure to hit ‘enter’ for the number to change to the non-zero!)
  • Another possible cause is that the trial or the licensed version has expired. The expiration date is directly below the User name/ Password area.
  • Another possible cause is that the Name/Password combo is not consistent with the version that you are attempting to use. (For example, your trial password will be different than the password for your licensed version.)
  • Please contact if you have carefully gone through STEPs 1-4 and cannot get the 15.07% to appear.

Save the Settings and your Password

Select Save at the top of your Excel screen. A pop-up box will ask you if you want to save the changes that have been made. Select YES. A second pop-up box will appear and give you a “Minor Loss of Fidelity” error message. Select CONTINUE (-no damage will be done!)

Leave the Name of the Excel File as Is

QPP will not work if you alter its name; it must be called Quantext Portfolio Planner v4.0.xls. You can save it into any folder within My Documents (or Documents). The name of the folder is irrelevant.

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