History of our Company

Quantext is small software and consulting firm based in Boulder, Colorado.

The firm was founded by Geoff Considine in March of 2002. Geoff holds a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a B.S. in Physics from Georgia Tech. Geoff worked for NASA for a number of years on mathematical modeling. His research focused on simulations of complex chaotic processes such as turbulence in fluids. He also developed a range of methods for analyzing complex data sets. Geoff published his research in a range of refereed scientific journals. After realizing that his work had some very compelling applications in finance, Geoff left NASA and took a position developing mathematical models for valuing and trading derivatives. His first position in finance was with Aquila Energy, then a direct competitor of Enron’s in the energy trading business. Geoff’s role primarily focused on modeling how variability in the weather could be valued and traded in the development of the weather derivatives marketplace. An early article that Geoff wrote on weather derivatives for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is still commonly referenced. Geoff left Aquila to join a consulting and software firm, e-Acumen, that developed trading and portfolio management applications for energy firms. In this role, he continued to develop mathematical models with a focus on Monte Carlo applications for portfolio management.

Geoff resigned from his position at e-Acumen in early 2002 to start Quantext. Quantext’s initial focus was on the applications of Monte Carlo simulation in energy and weather risk management, but Geoff started to focus on his long-time goal of building portfolio management applications for wealth management. Quantext’s early clients included large energy trading firms, other consulting and software firms, and even agencies of the U.S. government. Over several years, Geoff developed Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP), a unique software product for wealth managers. Quantext has focused exclusively on the wealth management business for a number of years.