What We Do

Quantext focuses on the theory and practice of portfolio management. Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP), our flagship product, is used by an international clientele of wealth managers and sophisticated investors. Quantext's founder, Geoff Considine, has written two books and over two hundred articles on portfolio design and related topics. Please see our library for links to these articles. As well as offering QPP and continuously researching and publishing in the field, Quantext has worked closely with Folio Investing, an online brokerage firm, since 2007.

Who We Are

Geoff Considine, Founder of Quantext, Inc.

Geoff has worked on portfolio modeling and related topics since January of 1999. This is when he left his post as a research scientist at NASA to work on the trading floor at Aquila Energy at the height of the energy trading boom. At Aquila, Geoff worked on developing models for a range of trading and portfolio management applications, including weather-indexed options. After leaving Aquila to join a consulting firm, he worked with a number of large firms in developing and deploying portfolio management tools.

Since founding Quantext in 2002, Geoff has continued to develop portfolio management models, with a focus on equities and energy commodities. He is the architect of Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP), a portfolio management tool that allows individuals and advisors to develop and test portfolio management strategies. Geoff has also served as an expert witness in securities-related litigation.

Geoff has written two books as well as numerous articles on quantitative topics in wealth management for a range of publications, including Advisor Perspectives, FinancialPlanning.com, Horsesmouth.com, and SeekingAlpha.com. Geoff and his work have been cited in the Wall St. Journal, U.S. News and World Report, and Kiplingers.

Geoff holds a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from University of Colorado-Boulder and a B.S. in Physics from Georgia Tech.

Quantext is a strategic adviser to Folio Investing, an innovative brokerage firm specializing in offering and trading portfolios for advisors and individual investors.

Michelle Considine

Michelle works for Quantext in a number of operational roles. She handles the customer service for Quantext Portfolio Planner and has created some of the user guides for this tool. The current Quantext website was designed and built by her.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from University of Colorado in Boulder and a master’s degree in structural engineering from Old Dominion University in Virginia.